What I am reading…

Macbeth has been on my to-read list for almost two decades now and I wasn’t getting any closer to reading it… …so I decided I’ll teach it next semester, which will force me to get it read before Christmas. I enjoy the way I think, too 😉

The best analogy

If you’re a parent or a teacher (like me), then you know this is conference season. Our school’s were yesterday and today. Each year, my conferences are punctuated by some kind of poignant or hilarious moment. Today’s was interrupted by the fire alarm being pulled (yep, totally had to evacuate the school and stand out in … More The best analogy

Of Mice and Men

Tomorrow we’re reading chapter 6 of “Of Mice and Men.” If you know what that means, then you know how my class will feel come mid-morning. I chose Of Mice and Men because I convinced myself of two things: that I’d read the book before and that I’d taught the book before. A few weeks … More Of Mice and Men

Red Head Problems

Student: Miss, are you Irish? Me: Um, maybe a little… Student: OK (and goes back to reading whatever he had pulled up on the internet). Me: Why do you ask? Student: Because of your hair. Me: Sweetie, this is not my natural color… Student: Really?! Me: Featured Image Credit: a selfie I had to take, … More Red Head Problems

What I am reading…

New quarter, new unit, new reading material! I found a facsimile of The Strand version and am loving every minute of it! The Hound of the Baskervilles has always been my favorite Sherlock Holmes mystery–I’ve seen so many versions of it! But I had no idea I’d never read the entire story. Remedying that now as we … More What I am reading…

WTF Kansas?!

I’m sure you already know what’s going on… but just in case you haven’t heard: Here in Kansas, we’re clearly all about education… New York Times:  Court Gives Deadline to Fix Kansas School Financing The Kansas Supreme Court on Thursday gave the state until June 30 to fix its system of financing public schools, or face … More WTF Kansas?!

An Oklahoma Teacher’s Open Letter to Voters and Lawmakers

This. Share this. Share the ever-loving shit out of this. If you’re a parent, BE INVOLVED and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (you have more than you know). If you’re not a parent or never plan to be a parent, THIS STILL RELATES TO YOU! These children are a part of the society you live in. If … More An Oklahoma Teacher’s Open Letter to Voters and Lawmakers