Before we get started, you need to know that I know my version of goulash is not the traditional version. I do not like soup and while I love stew, this is not a stew. It’s a marinara pasta dish that we’ve always called goulash. So, now you know. Ingredients: 2 mild Italian sausage links … More Goulash

Stuffed Bell Peppers

When I grew up, my parents both cooked dinner. Sometimes together, sometimes on alternate nights. Mom’s recipes were tried and true; Dad’s were very inventive–sometimes gross looking, sometimes gross tasting, but always exciting. Stuffed peppers were one of my mom’s specialities and a personal favorite. Unfortunately, I don’t have her recipe and these didn’t taste … More Stuffed Bell Peppers

Drinking while Reading

This is my take on the Old Fashioned (based on this recipe), one of my favorite drinks! The big differences are I used 3oz of Wild Turkey 101, some cherry juice (from the jar of marashinos), and I added extra cherries (because who wouldn’t?!) For years, I’ve been mad about Marcus Aurelius’s portrayal in Gladiator but … More Drinking while Reading

Drinking while Reading

My friend, Daniel, recommended Bill James’ Popular Crime. I’ve been riveted since I started page one! His thorough, if not a bit unconventional approach, sucked me in and kept me interested. Each chapter could stand alone, which makes it much easier to read (and to put down for awhile, if you’re busy at work, which I often … More Drinking while Reading

Tutti Fruity Sangria

In June, I was inspired by A Common Connoisseur’s “Boozy Grapefruit Sangria.” I followed the recipe fairly closely (didn’t have berries, added some other fruits) and it was delicious! Now that I have some red wine I don’t particularly like, I decided to try my own take on sangria, and here we are! Ingredients 1 bottle of red … More Tutti Fruity Sangria