The featured image (to the left) is the original photograph, taken in Vanderwagen, NM. I manipulated the image using PicMonkey and voila!

carpe diem

beautiful flower struggling to survive all alone near the sidewalk  In response to The Daily Post Prompt: Understanding.

A wondrous thing

  A wondrous thing, the sky. Let your imagination take you to the heavens, the oceans, the future or the past…

The Last Flame

This was taken back in October, when I was reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was cold and dark in my world and in the fictional one I was living in. But the stark beauty of it all was not completely lost, even though this candle was soon gone…

Life is Better

Do I miss the days before baby gates, not having anything on bottom shelves, and making sure I have all drawers closed? Certainly. Do I miss the years of coming home to an empty house where I was greeted by no one who cared about me? Hell to the effing NO! Every chewed up power…

Cooperative Reading

This is our new thing. I call it cooperative reading, but only he uses his teeth.    


A  saga can be just two pictures and a few paragraphs, right? Maybe if I assure you that this rivalry, this feud, this battle is ongoing, indefinite, and perennially irritating (for me, actually, for my shoulder as Finn tries to jerk it out of socket every time he sees one of these monstrous beasties!)? (This…