There’s always a little ray of sunshine. Time spent looking for it never wasted.


The featured image (to the left) is the original photograph, taken in Vanderwagen, NM. I manipulated the image using PicMonkey and voila!

carpe diem

beautiful flower struggling to survive all alone near the sidewalk  In response to The Daily Post Prompt: Understanding.

A wondrous thing

  A wondrous thing, the sky. Let your imagination take you to the heavens, the oceans, the future or the past…

The Last Flame

This was taken back in October, when I was reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was cold and dark in my world and in the fictional one I was living in. But the stark beauty of it all was not completely lost, even though this candle was soon gone…

Life is Better

Do I miss the days before baby gates, not having anything on bottom shelves, and making sure I have all drawers closed? Certainly. Do I miss the years of coming home to an empty house where I was greeted by no one who cared about me? Hell to the effing NO! Every chewed up power…

Cooperative Reading

This is our new thing. I call it cooperative reading, but only he uses his teeth.