Dear Universe

In response to the Daily Post Prompt: Apology Dear Universe, I am deeply regretful for offending you. Clearly, my sins have been egregious, though I have no idea what I did. Please accept my sincerest apologies and assurance that I will live a better life. Thank you for considering lifting your curse, this household is … More Dear Universe

An Ode to Clean Carpet

Dear Carpet, I’m not sure what kinds of horrible things you did in a past life, but they must’ve been truly unforgivable. Otherwise, how do you explain all this? Bored Finn chewing, tearing and ripping you apart for the last 2 years. Finn’s piss-everywhere-because-I-didn’t-realize-he-had-an-UTI last Christmas. Finn’s projectile diarrhea as a result of a catching … More An Ode to Clean Carpet

Two words from an I-thought-I-was-wise-but-perhaps-I’m-really-an-idiot dog owner:

1. When you wake up all snuggly cuddly and your groggy eyes meet his groggy eyes, never whisper “outside?” and then try to roll over. You will get a paw on your throat supported by the full weight of his little body. Your breathing will be impaired. “Outside” is not a joking matter. 2. Never assume … More Two words from an I-thought-I-was-wise-but-perhaps-I’m-really-an-idiot dog owner:


Sisters with Mirrors: fun to be had. Never a dull moment, too good to be bad. The forever kind of memories – laughter and such… Sisters with Mirrors: love her much. My sister and I have never been closer. Now that we’re in our 30s, all the insecurities and rivalries of childhood and adolescence are … More Mirrors