Too Much and Never Enough

I bought Mary Trump’s book after I saw an interview with her talking about it. That was ages ago and her uncle, the focus of the book, is no longer the President of the United States.

So why talk about the book now?

I finished Too Much and Never Enough over the weekend, which is no small feat since I typically take ages to get through non-fiction (after a long day or week of teaching, my brain craves fluff!).

Anyway, Ms. Trump’s book didn’t shed any new light, not really. If you’ve seen any of the documentaries on the Trump family that have come out in the past few years, you already know the basics.

What’s different is the how.

Ms. Trump’s first-hand accounts of the family add depth that no documentarian could match. I’m not sure another Trump’s first-hand version would feel the same. The daughter of the scapegoated oldest son who dies tragically young…

I came away feeling very sad for the family, especially how her father, Fred Jr., and later Fred Sr. were basically abandoned once they were considered useless, first by Fred Sr. and then by Donald. On one hand, what went around came around for certain members of the family.

One can hope that the same trend will continue.

Fingers crossed.

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