MCPL Winter Reading Challenge

It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted anything about books. I assure you, that does NOT mean I have not been reading!

This is my second year entering the contest and I love it. The Facebook group is great, I loved seeing everyone’s posts about what they were reading. I definitely added A LOT of books to my TBR list!!

I didn’t actually finish The Last Wish for the contest, instead of read Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse to finish the challenge.

I enjoyed the book; the newest adaptation (with Rufus Sewell whom I have loved since I saw him in Dangerous Beauty) is terrible if you’re comparing it to the text.

Here we are right after I picked up my new mug for completing the challenge. Yes, Finn has some mug envy!



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  1. clcouch123 says:

    Maybe Finn would like a handle on the dog bowl to pretend it is a mug. Though you certainly give credit to the breed on your own mugs. Dachshunds and Agatha Christie (and mugs)–you and my sister have a lot in common. (I respect her greatly.)

    The program you took part in looks fun, colorful as well as meaningful. Congratulations on your completion!

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  2. chattykerry says:

    Great shot of you and Finn! Lovely to hear your voice at long last. I am currently reading a Mennonite romance – it’s not bad…

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