What I Am Reading

It’s cold and rainy here, so I’ve lit all my candles, poured myself some whiskey, and am going to escape to the 14th century Highlands (where they have surprisingly modern hygiene standards and feminist ideals! 😂)

Originally, my GoodReads Reading Challenge was to finish 20 books. It’s April 14 and I’ve already met my goal, thanks to the pandemic.

As you can see, I’ve made it my mission to re-read Monica McCarty’s Highland Guard series. And as you can tell from the rippling six-packs on the covers, each book is a stunning masterpiece of historical accuracy.

Actually, she does do a decent job researching her characters (many of whom are based on real people) and the events surrounding Robert the Bruce’s battle to be King of Scotland. As hinted at in the first sentence of this post, though, the historical accuracy does not extend to dialogue, women’s roles, and hygiene practices. It is, in fact, very good writing and the plot sizzles and can be genuinely funny. I learned a lot about this time period, thanks to her “Author’s Notes” at the end of each book, and of course, I google.

I read The Ice Dragon, The Screwtape Letters, The Silver Chair, The Last Battle, and The Pale Horse to fulfill the MidContinent Library Winter Reading Challenge (more of that in a different post).

These are my current reads:

I’ll finish The Rock in the next day or so, then I’ll pick up the last book in the Highland Guard series (The Ghost). Usually, I don’t marathon through a series like that (except, of course, Harry Potter) but being cooped up in the house and trying to avoid the news, romances about people in the 14th century is apparently all I want!

Finn tore off the covers of The Great Influenza and I Heard the Owl Call My Name. It’s still upsetting for me to look at the book, but it is still readable, so I expect to start reading that one again later this week. I really enjoyed The Witcher series on Netflix, which is why I bought the first book. I am enjoying it so far, but needed a break from concentrating (if that makes sense).

Now that I am a “virtual school” teacher and cannot really leave my house, escaping into another reality has certainly helped me keep my sanity. How are YOU doing?

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  1. clcouch123 says:

    Candles, whiskey, and the Highlands sounds awfully good. The school where I last taught closed (I mean closed, before the pandemic). Lately, I’ve been trying to encourage teacher friends and student friends as they deal with sudden, cyber learning. I trust your own adapting has gone well, and I hope your school year ends successfully. I’ve been reading young-adult fiction (M C Beaton when I want more or less grown-up fare). I read a trio of novels by Jenny Nimmo, set in Wales. I’d like to move on to Blu Balliett,

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