One Good Citizen to Another

I am so grateful to live in an area where its citizens are so sensitive to the well-being of others!

For example, the other day, someone set off dynamite at twenty minute intervals beginning at 11:00pm. How considerate of them to wait until most children were in bed, we wouldn’t want anyone’s sleep disrupted by a trip to the hospital.

And then last night, someone couldn’t set off firecrackers/shoot their gun when the city was doing their display or a bit later when everyone was setting them off in their driveways.

Instead he/she/they waited all the way until 3am to get down to Independence Day business. I’m sure that it’s because he/she/they works the 2nd/3rd shift and this was their only free time.

It warms my heart that so many have such deep respect for their neighbors who might have to get up early or have animals who are terrified of all the loud noises.

Written in response to The Daily Post Prompts Maddening and Angry

Featured Image Credit: Trent Yarnell from Unsplash

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