Inferno: Book to Movie

I didn’t really care for Dan Brown’s Inferno, especially compared with his The DaVinci Code (which I love!). The plot was not as thrilling as previous ones have been, despite all the promise of Dante.

When I rented the movie version, I was not expecting to be wowed, but wasn’t I expecting it to be a complete waste of $3.99, either.

It was a complete and utter waste of $3.99.

For the first hour or so, I made a list of all things that detoured from the novel. Then I gave up and wrote “so many useless changes in plot and characters.” I’m including the list below, but – fair warning – from here out there will be ***spoilers***.

  1. Zobrist – too young
  2. Sienna – not blonde
  3. Robert’s wound – front of head, not back; weird rash on his back??
  4. Provost? wants to see the video from the get go
  5. Zobrist’s video is changed, too obvious to his plan
  6. Figured out Zobrist was a mad man too quickly
  7. Sienna left Robert; Sienna on Zobrist’s side blatantly
  8. Ugh, romance between Robert and Elizabeth
  9. Sienna didn’t die, contagion burst before they got to the cistern

I hear that Brown is coming out with at least one more Langdon novel; of course, I will read it. I just hope that – at minimum – the movie version stays closer to the text.


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