The Girl on the Train

I’m sure you’ve read enough reviews on The Girl on the Train, so I promise I will not go there exactly.  This is more of an expression of feelings about Paula Hawkins’ book.

I did enjoy it and buzzed right through it (OK, it took me a few weeks, but you have to understand: I’m a high school teacher, we had Halloween, the election, a super full moon, and Thanksgiving break coming up… I’m sure you understand!)

A so-called “beach read,” The Girl on the Train is quick and easy. With three can-I-or-can’t-I-trust-her narrators, it’s a bit of a wild ride, very reminiscent of Gone GirlIn fact, the similarities are striking and having read Gone Girl first, it prepared me to mistrust all narrators, no matter how innocent or believable they appear.

There were holes in the plot and some flat characters (more about this on Lectito’s review here), but for me there were two issues:

  1. One of the characters was too similar to Brad Cunningham, the focus of Ann Rule’s true crime book Dead by Sunset which lead me to
  2. Figure it all out too soon

I have not watched the movie version and I’m on the fence about trying to. I think Emily Blunt is a great actress and I was initially excited to see her play Rachel; however, I heard that they changed the setting to America and, to be honest, having finished the book, I’m rather done with the story. I do usually like to compare/contrast different versions so, who knows, maybe someday…

In the meantime, what did you think of The Girl on the Train?


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