Yes Please!

I went into Yes Please expecting to laugh hysterically as I turned each page.

That did not happen.

It took me a good chunk of the book to realize that I had unrealistic expectations. The book was funny, don’t get me wrong, but if you were expecting this to be like one of her movies or comedy sketches, you will be disappointed.

This is a glimpse into Amy Poehler’s life. The funny, the hilarious, the real, the sad, the “oh shit!”, and the “daaaaaaaaamn did she just say that?!”

I found this on  GoodReads and thought it fit exactly how I feel about Yes Please at the moment:


As another reviewer on GoodReads pointed out, this is Amy Poehler’s guide on how to be a good person. In a way, it’s a self help book, but you could read it as a sort of adventure, watching Amy figure out how to better herself. As above, if reading other people’s life stories inspires you to search, grow, and improve, than Yes Please is for you.

As I shared previously, I read Yes Please as an audiobook. Amy’s voice is infectious. The fact that she got Patrick Stewart and Kathleen Turner to narrarate is fabulous (you will love it!).

My favorite ‘voice over,’ though, was when Amy talks about meeting Carol Burnett. Apparently Carol called Amy her best friend and so Amy had her read this part of the story. Hilarious!

Do I recommend this memoir? Yep! Will I read another book of hers? Yes Please! 😀


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