The best analogy

If you’re a parent or a teacher (like me), then you know this is conference season. Our school’s were yesterday and today. Each year, my conferences are punctuated by some kind of poignant or hilarious moment.

Today’s was interrupted by the fire alarm being pulled (yep, totally had to evacuate the school and stand out in the courtyard, everyone wondering if the kid who pulled it is now stuck talking with the dreaded teacher outside, ha!).

Yesterday’s ended with a last minute conference with the parents of a young bookworm who’s currently acing my class, but bombing a few others because “they’re just not that interesting.” His dad turned to him and said this:

School is like a book, and each chapter is a class. You might like one chapter. You might like it a lot, but you won’t get the whole story if you don’t read the rest of the book.

I could see the lightbulb go on inside my student’s head. His eyes widened and he said, “Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense.”

I just sat there and smiled at them. Smiled because this was the best analogy I’d ever heard for school. Smiled because I knew I would have to share it.

Teaching win? Sure. Parenting win? Definitely!

Featured image: My mobile desk. We’re short classrooms and so I’m one of many “traveling teachers.” The kids loved pushing it down the halls for me… mostly because they think I won’t mind them using it to play bumper cars, ha!


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  1. clcouch123 says:

    What a terrific moment with the parent, child, you, and metaphor! Thank you for sharing this. I’ve spent most of my career teaching, though not at the moment since the school where I was teaching closed a month and a half ago. Hopefully, I’ll be in a classroom again, where I can swipe–I mean, uh, respectfully borrow and credit–your parent’s analogy. I’m glad you let the students push the mobile office, podium, what have you. Any interaction’s promising, as long as things stay upright.

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