Car Karaoke is Deer Repellant?

Almost hit a deer tonight, but she heard me blaring “Shoop” and swerved away out of respect.

Now, I’m not saying that karaoke IS deer repellant.


I can say that every time I’m driving down a country road at night with the windows down, wind whipping my hair into my face, while the music blares and I sing along, a deer does NOT cross the road in front of me.

I’d like to give some credit to my mad car-dancing skillz, but I’m a fair and honest person… no one can see me bustin’ a move in my car on that country road at night.

Because it’s dark.

But, trust me. I be jammin’.

I think the key, though, to the karaoke is to switch it up. Keep the deer guessing. Make them want to wait for the answer to “What will she sing next?”

Will it be Juice Newton? DMX? Conway Twitty? Jason Derulo? Salt n Peppa? TechN9ne? Heart? The Blues Brothers? Bob Seger?

What an adventure for the ears, am I right?

The anticipation will not kill them, though. Remember, we’re all about keeping the animals safe #noroadkilltonight

Good night and you’re welcome.

P.S. I may not have a voice tomorrow because… falsetto. Try transitioning from Meatloaf to The Darkness. Yeah, that’s what I thought. 😉

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Maybe

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash’s Michael Fertig

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  1. clcouch123 says:

    I don’t think I could make that music transition without hurt. I admire, though, this preventive way to deal with dear (oh, dear, I mean deer). Deer along and on the road are big deals here as well. And, of course, especially at night. Karaoke play sounds really promising. Especially when you mix the tunes and styles so that the deer have to pause to win at guessing what’s coming next. (I can name that human tune in how-many notes.)

    May I say on behalf of the deer, Thank you!

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    1. Call me Cordelia says:



  2. Roger says:


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