What I am reading…

The Renegade History of the United States is another piece of non-fiction recommended by a friend. Let me tell you, the title does not lie! It is history told as very few tell, from the perspectives of true rebels.

This is not history that can be found in textbooks— it is a highly original and provocative portrayal of the American past as it has never been written before. (GoodReads)

This book will change the way you look at freedom by examining immigration, slavery, prostitution and many other topics that, until now, you think you learned about in school. (OK, maybe you didn’t learn about prostitution… unless you went to a very progressive school, run by one of Auntie Mame’s friends?)


And of course the drink… many have asked before me, what to do with the left over sangria fruit (it is a burning question stumping the world over)?

Well, wonder no more — mix it with vodka and pineapple-orange juice for a tasty after dinner cocktail!


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  1. clcouch123 says:

    The book and the drink sound good. Maybe sangria drinkers, say, in Spain or Latin America do have an issue with leftover sangria fruit. Since I’ve only drunk my friends’, I’ve not been faced with that problem. Lucky (lazy) me! Occasionally, I get to read a narrative from a slave or from an immigrant. A whole book’s worth sounds impressively illuminating. You’re right, it’s the history we don’t usually get (worse the luck). Auntie Mame’s peers did not teach at my school. Muchas gracias a ti para los regalos aqui. (I’m sure my Spanish would be better if I were drinking sangria now–at least I’d think it were better.)

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