Drinking while Reading

My friend, Daniel, recommended Bill James’ Popular Crime. I’ve been riveted since I started page one! His thorough, if not a bit unconventional approach, sucked me in and kept me interested. Each chapter could stand alone, which makes it much easier to read (and to put down for awhile, if you’re busy at work, which I often am).

Mr. James doesn’t become overly gratuitous; however, I’d advise not reading the chapter on the Cleveland Torso Murderer at night whilst trying to fall asleep!

Great book, good drink!
Great book, good drink!

Wild Turkey and Dry

1 oz Wild Turkey 101 (I made it a double 😮 )
Fresh Limes (I used Lime Juice)
Ginger Beer (I used Ginger Ale) to top off


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  1. clcouch123 says:

    Yet another fine DWR. I also appreciate the recommendation for reading. Appreciate the caviat as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!


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