Bird by Bird

This is a fabulous book. I cannot truly rave about Anne Lamott as I’ve only read two of her books and follow her on Facebook.

What I can say is that if the rest of her work is as brutally honest, fantastically funny, and heart-wrenchingly real, then I don’t know why everyone’s not reading her, following her, raving about her!

As an aspiring novelist and amateur writer, Bird by Bird was the best kind of encouragement. In addition to learning from Ms. Lamott’s personal experiences — as a writer, daughter, mother, friend — she provides tips, suggestions, and avenues of inspiration.

As I said in my GoodReads review,

“Are you a published or aspiring author? Are you into light or heavy reading? How’s your sense of humor? Who cares?! This book is for you–all of you!”



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  1. clcouch123 says:

    I agree, it is a good narrative and treatise about writing and life. In a college class, I had students read Traveling Mercies (a kind of literature and religion class). Their response was strong and profound.

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    1. Call me Cordelia says:

      I was first introduced to Anne Lamott through Traveling Mercies in my Non-fiction writing class 🙂


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