A  saga can be just two pictures and a few paragraphs, right?

Maybe if I assure you that this rivalry, this feud, this battle is ongoing, indefinite, and perennially irritating (for me, actually, for my shoulder as Finn tries to jerk it out of socket every time he sees one of these monstrous beasties!)?


(This is how Finn would like to spend the majority of our walks. I won’t dignify the use of walks with actual quotation marks, but feel free to read this sentence using air quotes.)

This is where it all began. It was fall. Finnegan had been around this tree hundreds of times, but as he was still trying to figure out if I was a forever-kind-of-pet-parent or not, the inhabitants of this tree were of no consequence to him.


But then comfort set in. Exploration of the environment is now paramount. (Please feel free to define exploration as an action of intense fervor, usually consisting of jerking movements at right angles without any warning or provocation. See also ‘things rustled by the wind’ and ‘how your own shadow moves’. *

I’m sure he blames me for the (completely legal!) restraints I have to put on him. He will not believe me when I tell him it’s for his own safety (as he loves to just rush around, under people’s legs, into bushes, across four lanes of traffic…).

I’m pretty sure he genuinely believes he can literally shake me off every time I press the “You Shall Not Extend Further” button of his leash just based on the irate expression he shoots at me each time he “gonna shake shake shake it off, shake it off.” **

So far, the closest he’s come to catching one is about fifty feet. But continual failure has not dampened his resolve. Isn’t that just the best quality in a dog? 😳

Finnegan’s Most Wanted

But they do taunt him so.

*Definition completely made up by yours truly. 

**Who knew you could mix Taylor Swift and Gandalf the Grey in the same pop culture reference?! (I DID!! 😜 )


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  1. clcouch123 says:

    Terrific capturing of perspectives in the photographs. When I recently sat on my sister’s dogs–uh, dog-sat, that is–there were moments of the hunting dog (the mighty dachshund) staring into the face of a squirrel upended on the trunk of a tree. I’m sure Wiener (a hero’s name) was sure the squirrel would freeze from his barking, then fall down to the ground.

    Of course, you need to leash your dog and press that button, too. I’ve no doubt rushing out at right angles is a favorite thing. And you’re to blame for stopping him in spite of himself. I also believe that Taylor Swift and Gandalf would happily dance with each other at Bilbo’s birthday party. And I like the movie reference in the title of this writing.

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