An Oklahoma Teacher’s Open Letter to Voters and Lawmakers


Share this.

Share the ever-loving shit out of this.

If you’re a parent, BE INVOLVED and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (you have more than you know).

If you’re not a parent or never plan to be a parent, THIS STILL RELATES TO YOU! These children are a part of the society you live in. If you think that they will be productive members of society and able to take care of you when you reach retirement age if there are no immediate, drastic and *meaningful* reforms, THINK AGAIN.

This is not an Oklahoma problem. This is not a Kansas problem. This is a United States of America Problem.

This teacher and his colleagues are not alone. We provide lunches and supplies and snacks and tutoring for hours after school is over without adequate or any compensation. Many have to choose to not provide these supports in order to take care of themselves and their families; this often involves seeking a second job and summer employment, if not switching careers completely.

This is a sad, sad world we live in where education is so underfunded and disrespected, when it is (as this gentleman so eloquently stated) it is the springboard to a better life, better community, and a better world.


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