2015 Reflections, 2016 Resolutions

I decided to look back on previous “What I learned/Goals for” yearly musings. I was struck by the fact that every January I make goals, but do almost nothing to keep track of and accomplish them throughout the year. This is rather disheartening. I look forward, keeping this in mind.
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  1. Being alone is grand, but there’s also having a dog as a roommate. The latter is grander, much grander.
  2. There was only one day last year that was completely and only devoted to reading. It was the best day.
  3. It’s perfectly acceptable to get up on a Saturday only to sit on the couch and stare at the wall in silence for hours. I think I’ve saved lives as a result of this practice.
  4. I’m absolute crap at saving money. But at least I’m not an abysmal failure at it. Let’s celebrate my growth, my treat! 😉
  5. Budgets are made to be broken. Books need to be bought, movies need to be watched, dog treats need to be shared, new restaurants need to be enjoyed… No, I will not be going on my dream England trip anytime soon, but as a good friend once told me, even if I have to wait until I’m 55, it will be awesome (and so much easier to flirt with the local lads!)
  6. I was utterly unprepared for dog ownership. He is so expensive! But who needs books and urine-stain-free carpet and intact rugs and unfrayed power cords and holeless socks and unchewed quilts and unscratched furniture?!
  7. Yes, I know I just said (and meant!) “who needs books?” Yet another growth to celebrate!
  8. I was utterly unprepared for how quickly dog ownership would change my life. I come home earlier, go to bed earlier, spend oodles of time walking with him outside, and can’t even remember why I liked sleeping alone.
  9. Yes, I know, he’s completely stolen my heart. Originally, I wanted to move in order to have more space for me. Now it is solely so I can get him a playmate!
  10. While I joined a poetry group for only one day and never joined an actual book club, I think I’m doing alright. I still write poems and I adore this blog, which practically counts as a reading group (it does!!).
  11. I don’t feel the need to get married anymore. It feels weird putting this out there; it’s been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. It’s not that I don’t believe in marriage or am closed off to the idea, it’s just not a burning desire. Gosh, now there’s a huge 25 year-old gap where my imaginary trousseau used to be.
  12. I did not get new ink in 2015 and I am still alive to cry about it. (see #1, 4-6)
  13. Quality over quantity is a great mantra, especially regarding friends. Being selective has paid off for me this year in many ways, but mainly it’s allowed us to explore new and interesting places (historical sites, local points of interest, restaurants).
  14. Writing the open letter to end my relationship with Charlotte Brontë (and Mr. Rochester, by extension) left me with a huge sense of relief and accomplishment. I now remember how much I relish writing essays!
  15. I’m enjoying the fact that I finally like being me. Thoroughly. One thing that has supported this is the eclectic reading I did as a result of this challenge.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 5.58.24 PM

  1. Be more courageous. What do I have to lose?
  2. Continue to stretch myself by reading books I normally wouldn’t choose. I think this challenge will help.
  3. Be more strategic with my “yes’s” and “no’s.” Prioritizing in my personal life is such a new thing, I don’t want to lose this peace and contentment.
  4. Be even more adventures with my food. I love to try new recipes, I will try not to forget this.
  5. Be more demonstratively thankful without any expectation of reciprocation.
  6. Work on my anger/fear/emotional responses. This will make me a better pet-parent and teacher.
  7. Remember that physical and emotional health are linked and act accordingly.
  8. Living life with no regrets is hard, but essential. Be mindful of this when making any decision, regardless of how small it appears in the now.
  9. Less is more, continue to down-size. Yes, I know this hurts, but remember the ancient proverb, “No pain, no gain.”
  10. Go. See. Hear. Taste. Listen. Feel. Speak. Move. BE!
  11. Seek and embrace my own opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  12. Take as good care of myself as I do my dog. (I think this will be the hardest.)
  13. Continue to listen to my instincts. My gut typically tells me, warns me, and prepares me if I will only pay attention to it.
  14. Keep your commitment to visit gardens, parks, and museums more often.
  15. Protect my rejuvenation time without equivocation.
  16. Be the very best me without apology.

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  1. rwprice43 says:

    I love your blog. I never owned a cat, they didn’t even amuse me. But, through some unusual circumstances, I now own 13 pound Leo, a three-year old silver Russian Siberian. I go to sleep at night and wake in the mornings with Leo sleeping on my chest. And, when Leo’s hunger clock begins to tick, he sits straight up on my chest, looks me directly in the eye, and kicks my butt out of bed for his high-protein, specially designed breakfast. Then he stands watch at all the windows, ensuring no squirrels or other neighborhood irregulars enter his domain. Alas, I am now the happiest albeit most reluctant convert to the joys and exasperations of feline servitude.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Call me Cordelia says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my postings 🙂


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