Shelf Love, Part 6: Guilty Pleasures

Guilty PleasuresWhat you see here are mostly fun books, the easy reads: my guilty pleasures.

Michael Crichton is one of my favorite authors; this is quite a feat as I’ve only read two of his novels: Timeline and Eaters of the Dead. For both, I saw the film version first, but that didn’t ruin the story for me. If you enjoyed the films, I urge you to read the books–so much depth, grit, and history contained in the pages.

I have owned Jennifer Weiner’s In Her Shoes for at least a decade. Shortly after I watched the film, I bought this book. I connected to this story about two dichotomous sisters. I bawl my eyes out each time I watch it, so I’m sure whenever I get to reading it, I will still have a deep emotional reaction. One thing I hope is the same in the movie and the book: the scene with Simon reading a romance novel to Rose. Perfection!

What you don’t see are my Diana Gabaldon books (I only have 3 and they are currently being loaned out). Along the same vein, though, are my Monica McCarty Highlander Series. I find them to be very entertaining, and sexy, of course. The history covered in the stories is interesting, though not as extensive as the Outlander books (I’ve only read 2). If you like Scottish rogues set in stories during the Robert the Bruce’s rebellion, I recommend both series. If you’re looking for a quick, light read, then I would recommend McCarty over Gabaldon.



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