Shelf Love, Part 2

This is less of a shelf and more of a stack on my hearth (doubling as a night stand), but I’m confident that you’ll roll with me on this. Ha!

I inherited this Educator Classic Library collection from my grandfather after he passed away in 2006. I spent many hours as a child pouring through these pages when I would visit him and grandma. They’re pretty old and I want to say they were around for at least part of my dad’s childhood, too.

Although I ended up reading the full versions of these classics elsewhere, this stack represents some of my favorite stories:

The Virginian – One of the best westerns I’ve ever read.

The Call of the Wild – A story that continually makes me cry at the sometime futility of life.

Treasure Island – A quintessential pirate classic, what’s not to love?!

Black Beauty – I grew up watching various movie adaptations of this classic, but that did not spoil it for me when I eventually read it. Do you have a favorite version?

White Fang – It has been so long since I’ve read this that I’m getting it confused with the movie versions. I think it’s time for a re-read!


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