Six Weeks

Just found this gem. Me’thinks I will be listening to more Of Monsters and Men!

Inspired by the American frontiersman Hugh Glass, this stark song embraces and connects my current read (The Revenant) with my current unit (Vikings, “Beowulf” etc).

As a class, we will be dissecting lyrics and music videos about heroes and monsters this quarter — this song just made the cut on several levels:

Icelandic band (tenuous viking connection) about a bear attack (stronger monster connection) and the man who survives (perhaps a non-traditional hero) who then is consumed by revenge for those who left him for dead (thus becoming a monster himself?) but ultimately does not follow through with his murderous plan for vengeance (back to heroes).

PLUS I get to talk to my students about mountain men! Squee!

Thank you, Dad, for telling me the stories of Jeremiah Johnson, Jedediah Smith, Jim Bridger, and of course, the indomitable Hugh Glass.


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