I finally finished GONE GIRL

So, I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish Gone Girl. Holy Toledo, Batman! Even though I knew the ending (thanks bro) I was still shocked and appalled. Not sure if that just makes me naive or if it’s only that Ms. Flynn is an excellent writer. She definitely knocked it out of the park! My mind can only grasp at that level of unadulterated evil!

What I appreciated most was the distinct and stark dichotomy between both voices – Nick’s and Amy’s. Each are convincing and manipulate the mind of the reader in ways that are devious and yet, completely forgivable. Now that is good writing!

One bit of “praise for Gone Girl” on the back cover says it best:

I cannot say this urgently enough: you have to read Gone Girl. It’s as if Gillian Flynn has mixed us a martini using battery acid instead of vermouth and somehow managed to make it taste really, really good. Gone Girl is delicious and intoxicating and delightfully poisonous. It’s smart (brilliant, actually). It’s funny (in the darkest possible way). The writing is jarringly good, and the story is, well…amazing.  Read the book and you’ll discover—among many other treasures—just how much freight (and fright) that last adjective can bear.

— Scott Smith, New York Times bestselling author of The Ruins and A Simple Plan

My review and recommendation? What he said ^^! Ha! Seriously, if you love thrillers, novels about the inner workings of a sociopath, and intimate looks into a “perfect” marriage, then this book is tailor made for you!


This is me, re-creating those last few moments when I convinced myself that if I looked over the top of my book That Character would be there staring at me… 

Okay, so this is not so much a re-creation as revisionism.

I need you all to believe I’m very, very brave. 😉


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  1. georgetteann says:

    Loved that book! Couldn’t put it down! 🙂

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    1. Call me Cordelia says:

      I pulled a near-all-nighter to finish it. Worth all of today’s grogginess! :p

      Liked by 1 person

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