A novel about Hugh Glass?! FINALLY!

I grew up hearing about mountain men like Jedediah Smith, Jeremiah Johnson, and Hugh Glass.  One of the fond memories I have of high school was actually a rendezvous we visited.  My Dad’s friend, Gene, was a part of a Mountain Man group, I can’t remember the name. They traveled across the U.S. as the men of old did, stopping at various points for a sort of festival that was open to the public.

Since Dad has always been a voracious reader, I learned a long time ago to read the same books so that we’d have something to talk about.  Because of him, I read The Travels of Jedediah Smith and am skeptical of Robert Redford’s Jeremiah Johnson, but am excited to try Crow Killer: The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson very soon.

Dad’s always been a fan of Hugh Glass.  He admires his grit and determination as well as his ruthlessness.  If you know anything about him, you know he’s an O.G., The Badass of badasses.  I’ve read articles and very short biographies about him but could not ever find any books on him that my Dad would approve of.

And then I read Publisher’s Weekly’s The 10 Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2015.  I have to admit, the first draw was that the movie adaptation “The Revenant” starred Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy, potentially as grizzled mountain men.

The Revenant is a novel and therefore Dad will probably not approve; however, I ordered it from the library and will read it – and review it – as soon as I’m done with Gone Girl.


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