Great book, good drink!

Drinking while Reading

My friend, Daniel, recommended Bill James’ Popular Crime. I’ve been riveted since I started page one! His thorough, if not a bit unconventional approach, sucked me in and kept me interested. Each chapter could stand alone, which makes it much easier to read (and to put down for awhile, if you’re busy at work, which I often…


Three and a Half Decades of Reading

A post on Lectito inspired this and I must say thank you to Margot for the delightful trip down memory lane! Books have been an intimate part of my life for as long as I can remember. I didn’t go to preschool, but I entered kindergarten knowing how to read, thanks to my parents and…


Tutti Fruity Sangria

In June, I was inspired by A Common Connoisseur’s “Boozy Grapefruit Sangria.” I followed the recipe fairly closely (didn’t have berries, added some other fruits) and it was delicious! Now that I have some red wine I don’t particularly like, I decided to try my own take on sangria, and here we are! Ingredients 1 bottle of red…

Grandma reading to us, Christmas 1989.

Read Alouds

When I was young, I would read to my little brother. When I was a para-educator and tutor, I would read to my students. Now, as a Special Ed teacher, I still do a lot of reading out loud. And not just to students with special needs. The average reading level at our school is 4th-6th…



The smell of cheap cigarettes floods my senses She floats into the room, on cloud nine On one arm, another rich playboy On the other, a handsome rogue – She believes their lies, make-up creased and wrinkled, Oblivious to her hideousness, she milks them for every dime Tall tales escape her red lips – charm…


Will I come out in one piece?!

“X-Ray is to your right, Sarah” and I walked right into this. Flooded with every Jack the Ripper-Buffalo Bill-Jeffrey Dahmer-Cleveland Torso Murderer image tucked away in my brain, I almost gasped, will I come out in one piece?!